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Valour Youth

Valour Youth enables and supports disabled children and young people to enjoy a break from their families in a safe and stimulating environment, as well as providing the opportunity for parents/carers to have a Short Break from their caring duties.

We provide positive experiences for children by promoting friendships and encouraging social activities, new experiences and support relationships with carers.

We offer culturally appropriate provision, meeting the cultural, linguistic and religious needs of disabled children and their families.

We are available on a planned/regular basis and at times when families and young people need breaks – including evening, weekends and holiday provision, and have the capacity to respond to urgent care requirements.

Please give our friendly team a call or email us, to discuss one of our short breaks or home care support needs.

Who to contact

0800 073 1325
Valour Youth

Local Offer


Short breaks and Care Support can be used for the benefit of children and their families.  Families can be offered respite where there has been a family crisis or problem for which they need some support or assistance. 

This includes a family illness, the parents finding the child's behaviour very difficult to handle or the parent is not coping.  Respite care offers a break or a series of breaks that could act to prevent a family breakdown or the child being placed in foster care, or from a difficult family environment or a problem for which the child needs some support or help.

We offer daily assistance to these families, in the form of after-school help and other activities.

The true value of the respite care is that it seeks to maintain a child in their own home and helps to keep families together.  

Local Offer Age Bands
Secondary (11 to 16)
Primary (5 to 11)
SEN Provision Type
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