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SEND health advice

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) can sometimes relate to a child's health and development.

Your child’s health or development

If your child is pre-school age (0-5 years) you should discuss any health concerns you may have with your health visitor or GP.

If your child attends reception or school you should discuss any health concerns that you think may be hindering his or her learning directly with the school. It can involve the school nursing services, which is part of the local health authority’s nursing services.

Your child’s speech, language and communication skills    

The progress your child makes in their learning often depends on how well their speech, language and communication skills develop.

There are many reasons why children show a delay in mastering the skills of speech and language. Fortunately, many delays are only temporary and eventually those children speak normally.

If you have concerns, though, contact your child's school. It can involve, if necessary, the speech and language therapy service provided by the health authority. If you still have concerns contact your family doctor, who can refer you to a speech therapist.

If your child has very significant health needs or is disabled

If you have continuing serious concerns about your child’s health and development contact the Education and Early Years Service on 020 7332 1002 or by email to


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