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Requesting an Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan

Request a formal assessment of your child's SEND

A small number of children do not make as much progress as they should after receiving additional support in their early years setting or school. They may need further, more significant and longer term support.

If you think that your child may need this more significant level of support you can request that the City of London Education and Early Years Service carries out a formal assessment of your child's SEN. This is also sometimes called a Statutory Assessment.

All requests for formal assessments will be considered by the City of London and decided against consistent and rigorous criteria.   

Education Health and Care (EHC) plans

One of the outcomes of a formal assessment might be that an EHC plan is required. EHC plans are designed in partnership with families to enable children and young people to set their own goals for what they want to achieve, now and in the future. The EHC plan will describe how schools, colleges and other service providers will work together to support the achievement of these goals.  

Moving from Statements of SEN to EHC Plans

The City of London has a formal transition plan in place that sets out how we will move children who currently have Statements of SEN onto EHC plans. This plan has been agreed by the City's SEN Parents Forum and can be downloaded from the EHC Plan Transition Strategy link at right.

All parents/carers whose child has a statement will have received a letter in September 2014 explaining the transition process. All children and young people will be transferred onto an EHC plan by December 2015, on the date of the annual review of their statement. In the lead up to each review meeting the City's Educational Pyschologist will meet with the family to discuss the process of designing the plan and to discuss the needs and aspirations to be achieved.

All relevant professional agencies that will be involved in providing the support described in the EHC plan will be invited to a transition meeting to finalise it. The EHC plan will then be issued.

Young people in further education who have a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) will also be transferred onto an EHC plan. This process will be undertaken in partnership with the young person's further education college and the City's advice service for young people provided by Prospects.

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